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King Essentials makes grants for work in a select number of countries. These countries combine high levels of need with conditions that make it possible to achieve substantial impact.

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Launched 2019


Tanzania stands at an inflection point. In recent decades, its 55 million citizens have made steady progress in reducing the nation’s rate of extreme poverty. Yet Tanzania’s population is expected to double by 2050, and the resulting strain on natural resources and government services may cause poverty rates to rise again. The country therefore has a high need for interventions that promote further poverty alleviation while also establishing a foundation for sustainable economic development.

Several factors led King Essentials to identify Tanzania as a focus country. In comparison with other low-income nations, Tanzania has experienced relatively stable conditions for development. In addition, numerous high-performing nonprofits have shown that they can operate successfully in the country and are delivering proven interventions at scale. Our work in Tanzania covers priority investment areas that include girls’ education, food and agriculture, and nutrition.


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