Project Drawdown

Project Drawdown seeks to halt catastrophic climate change as quickly, safely, and equitably as possible.

Project Drawdown aims to help the world quickly, safely, and equitably reach “drawdown,” the point at which the levels of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere stop climbing and start declining. Its program “Drawdown Lift” works to deepen collective understanding of the connections between climate change solutions and poverty alleviation, especially in Africa and South Asia.

Climate change and poverty are inextricably intertwined. Developing, evaluating, and implementing climate solutions is therefore essential to shaping a better world and a just future for all—especially the world’s poorest, who are most affected by climate change. Project Drawdown conducts rigorous reviews and assessments of proposed climate solutions, creates compelling communications, and partners with those who seek to accelerate climate solutions globally. By serving as a leading resource for information and insight on the subject, it surfaces the most effective, scalable, and financially viable climate solutions. Project Drawdown then shares these with cities, universities, corporations, philanthropies, and policymakers who want to advance effective climate action.

Drawdown Lift focuses on emerging economies. Working alongside academic researchers, practitioners, and changemakers, it identifies and advances climate solutions that will lead to positive and equitable change and further socioeconomic development. This includes synthesizing relevant knowledge; serving as a knowledge partner to advance funding for and prioritization of synergistic climate solutions; and encouraging decision-makers to deploy climate solutions that advance socioeconomic development. Its goal is to see priority given to those climate solutions that increase equity and enable low-carbon development for those populations least responsible for the climate change crisis.

Project Drawdown is well-positioned to play a leading role in the climate-poverty nexus. King Philanthropies is helping it to identify the most promising, win-win solutions currently available to address climate change and extreme poverty. 

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