Yale Program on Climate Change Communication

YPCCC conducts scientific research on public knowledge and attitudes about climate change and engage the public in climate change science and solutions.

The Yale Program on Climate Change Communication (YPCCC) studies the psychological, cultural, and political factors that shape how people respond to climate change. It also develops strategies to engage the public in climate change science and solutions. Its efforts support an effective response to climate change and encourage the large-scale behavioral change required to protect our planet and preserve livelihoods.   

Human activities such as the burning of fossil fuels, modern agriculture practices, and widespread deforestation have led to a dramatic increase in greenhouse gases. These gases—which are at their highest levels in two million years—envelop our earth like a blanket, trap the sun’s heat, and cause temperatures to rise. Rising temperatures then contribute to the droughts, fires, floods, catastrophic storms, and declining biodiversity that increasingly plague our planet. Millions of people are directly impacted by these events, especially those living in poverty. But the discourse around climate change remains polarized and is often ill-informed and counterproductive.

YPCCC aims to address this knowledge and understanding gap. It conducts extensive research on attitudes toward climate change and uses this to foster science-based conversations and solutions in the public square. It works in partnership with governments, media organizations, companies, and civil society and helps multiple stakeholders improve their communications around climate change. It runs Yale Climate Connections, which includes a climate news service, daily radio program, and podcast that provide original reporting and commentary on climate change. It also publishes seminal reports like Global Warming’s Six Americas, which has been used by government officials, companies, educators, and advocates to help message specific audiences. As the largest independent climate journalism organization in the United States, its research and communications already reach millions of Americans. 

Partnering with King Philanthropies will enable YPCCC to scale its international surveys and message testing to more than 100 countries, increase its international readership, and significantly enhance its impact.

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