global scholars

Developing Future Leaders

The Global Scholars initiative encompasses three programs that enable young people from low-income countries to receive a transformative educational experience. Underlying all three programs is a vision of equipping high-potential students to become leaders who can create far-reaching impact in the world.

Inspired by Bob and Dottie King’s fifty-year tradition of welcoming international students into their home, the Global Scholars initiative starts from a simple premise: Those who have direct experience of poverty are in the best position to confront that problem.

Participants in our Global Scholars programs come from low-income countries all over the world, and our university partners choose them on the basis of their exceptional talent and drive. By 2035, the initiative will have an estimated 2,500 alumni.

Global Scholars Leadership Journey

1. Opportunity

Scholars enter their program after gaining acceptance to one of our partner institutions. They stand out for their high potential as leaders and their aspiration to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives.

2. Experience

Scholars pursue rigorous academic work in their chosen field. Their program augments that work with leadership training, internship opportunities, mentoring support, and connection to a global network of alumni and social sector leaders.

3. Impact

Scholars receive an undergraduate or graduate degree and embark on the next stage of their career. They emerge from their program with the training and support that they need to become a force for change in communities all around the world.