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King Essentials makes grants for work in a select number of countries. These countries combine high levels of need with conditions that make it possible to achieve substantial impact.

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Launched 2017


Myanmar, a nation of 55 million people, suffered under the rule of an oppressive military regime from 1962 to 2011. Decades of internal repression and external isolation contributed to making Myanmar one of the poorest countries in Asia. Weak land rights and a lack of access of modern farming equipment, among other factors, has resulted in low levels of agricultural productivity. The effects of widespread poverty in Myanmar are visible in the high rate of “stunting”—an indicator of chronic malnutrition—among the country’s children.

The opening of Myanmar under a new government in 2011 created a major opportunity to help the nation’s people improve their conditions. Myanmar is rich in natural resources, including fertile soil and abundant sources of water, and the right set of interventions can equip farmers to develop those resources more efficiently. The emergence of this opportunity led King Essentials to identify Myanmar as a focus country. Our priority investments areas for Myanmar include food and agriculture, land rights, and nutrition.


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