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Persistence, Perseverance, Peak Performance

At the Opening Ceremony of the long-delayed Tokyo Olympics, International Olympic Committee president Thomas Bach commended the people of Japan for their perseverance amidst the many challenges of the global pandemic. He then congratulated the athletes for carrying on with their training despite the clouds of uncertainty that shadowed them this past year. “What is […]

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Setting the Right Goals in the Right Way

“Keep your eyes on the prize,” says the old adage. But, as it turns out, setting your sights on a lofty goal—on a swing-for-fences sales target, or on “big bet” social impact objective—can be detrimental to your quest to win a coveted prize. Identifying a single grand goal, and leaving it at that, will set […]

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An Olympic Frame of Mind: How Leaders Can Hone Their Mindset For Peak Performance

The athletes who go for the gold this summer will exhibit not just amazing physical prowess but also astounding mental discipline. Behind their medal-winning achievements lies a mindset that leaders in all fields can adopt to improve their performance. Part 1 of the Olympic Frame of Mind series.

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Managing Through Complexity With Team Of Teams: How One Acre Fund Exemplifies The Future Of Work

The emerging team-of-teams organizational model offers a way to organize people that aligns beautifully with the future of work, minimizing challenges that can arise from remote, dispersed, and digital work practices. One Acre Fund provides a stellar example of how to make the most of this model.

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Amanda Gorman’s Inspiring Voice Underscores the Power of the Social Sector

A star at both the Presidential Inauguration and the Super Bowl, Amanda Gorman benefited from the social sector and is now emerging as an impressive nonprofit leader.

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A Better Resolution for the New Year: Set Attainable Goals

Sir Fazle Hasan Abed led BRAC to become one of the largest nonprofits in the world, in part by applying the science of goal setting. In this era of great challenge, we can all resolve to follow in his footsteps by working to set achievable goals that will make a real difference in our world.

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Prepare for a Post-Pandemic World: But, First, Feed the Children

Children may be the biggest victims of the Covid-19 pandemic, due to indirect effects of hunger and malnutrition. Yet high performing social sector organizations provide opportunities for donors to make a difference, with cost-effective interventions that can save millions of children.

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Back to School: Eastside Prep Adapts to New Crises with Back-to-Basics Leadership

Eastside Prep, a high-performing nonprofit organization that equips disadvantaged students to thrive, is nimbly reckoning with the Covid-19 crisis, the struggle for racial justice, and other outsized challenges.

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For Friends of the Children, Black Lives Matter Is More Than a “Moment”

Friends of the Children, a high-performing nonprofit that works with disadvantaged youth across the United States, has turned its statement of support for the Black community into a program of real-world change.

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