Foundation Payout Tool

Should a philanthropic organization aim for perpetuity, or should it plan to spend down its assets? Using this tool, philanthropists and foundation leaders can develop a solid understanding of key factors that should guide them in answering that question.
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Engine of Impact Board Giving Tool

For most nonprofit organizations, giving by board members is an essential component of fundraising. With this tool, leaders can gather and present vital data on their board’s contribution to funding their organization.
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Engine of Impact Diagnostic

To achieve significant impact, a nonprofit organization must excel in seven areas of strategic leadership. This tool enables nonprofit stakeholders to assess how well their organization performs in each of those areas and how ready the organization is to scale its work.
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Stanford Survey on Leadership and Management in the Nonprofit Sector

Organizational performance in the essential elements of strategic leadership varies widely across the nonprofit sector. This report—based on a survey of more than 3,000 stakeholders in the sector—highlights key challenges and opportunities for nonprofit leaders.
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Essentials of Strategic Leadership

Organizational excellence depends on a capacity for practicing strategic leadership. This one-page overview describes seven essential elements of strategic leadership—seven areas of performance that determine an organization’s ability to achieve impact.
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Readiness to Scale Matrix

Before a nonprofit organization can achieve impact on a large scale, it must develop proficiency in all essential elements of strategic leadership. This visualization shows the different levels of scale-readiness that might apply to a given organization.
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Social Innovation Practicum: Designing Interventions and Social Ventures for Outsized Impact (Syllabus)

Rigorous training can help social entrepreneurs to hone their idea for a new intervention or venture. This syllabus—developed for an experiential learning course taught at the Stanford Graduate School of Business—provides an overview of key topics in social innovation.
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Eight Questions for Social Venture

A great idea is merely the starting point for building a new venture that will have real, sustained impact. The next step is to ask a series of hard, smart questions. This resource presents eight questions for social entrepreneurs to consider.
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Discussion Guide for Engine of Impact

One way to pursue organizational excellence is to get together and talk about it. By following this guide to discussing the book Engine of Impact, users can explore the elements of strategic leadership and how well their organization is performing with respect to those elements.
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