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2019 Nobel Prize Recipient, Abhijit Banerjee, Reflects on Leadership in the Social Sector

A Nobel laureate discusses his vision for alleviating global poverty, his hopes for the future of data-driven evaluation, his views on forming strong professional relationships, and his sources of personal inspiration.
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Driving Nonprofit Impact with Dollars, Choices

By voting with their checkbooks, donors can encourage nonprofit organizations to overcome core leadership and management challenges. In that way, they hold the power to make the nonprofit sector much more effective.
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How Well Does Your Nonprofit Board Measure Up?

Behind every effective nonprofit organization is an effective board of directors. Many boards fall short of that standard. But tools are available to help board members improve their performance—and the performance of their organization.
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A Better Approach to Winning: Lessons from the Positive Coaching Alliance

Jim Thompson, founder of Positive Coaching Alliance, offers insights on the link between positivity and performance, his vision for creating a social movement, and the power of moving beyond perfectionism.
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To Lead Well, Think Hard About the Legacy That You’ll Leave

It’s never too early to start pondering one’s personal and professional legacy. Leaders who want to leave behind a strong record of achievement should consider the legacies that other leaders have left behind.
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Equipping Leaders to Optimize Their Impact: An Interview with Bill Meehan and Kim Jonker

Ashoka, one of the world’s premier organizations for social entrepreneurs, interviews Bill Meehan and Kim Starkey (formerly Kim Jonker) about the ideas and aspirations that led them to write the book Engine of Impact.
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‘Tough-Minded Optimism’: Savvy Leadership Advice from 17 Years at the Skoll Foundation Helm

Sally Osberg, former president and CEO of the Skoll Foundation, discusses lessons that she has learned about the leadership strengths of women, the strategic role of branding, and the value of having an effective board.
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Turning ‘Doing Well by Doing Good’ into Real Millennial Social-Sector Leadership

Academic programs devoted to nonprofit leadership, philanthropy, and social entrepreneurship are growing in number. How can we ensure that students are learning something of value in these programs?
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Big Topic on Campus: Doing Well by Doing Good

At colleges and universities, social entrepreneurs and nonprofit leaders are attracting more and more attention—both from students and from scholars. It’s an important trend that deserves close scrutiny.
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