From the Philippines to Dartmouth: Profile of an Incoming King Scholar

Every recipient of a King Scholars award—either from Dartmouth College or the University of Wisconsin–Madison—has a powerful story to tell about the journey that has brought him or her to that institution. Consider Janel Consuelo Morales Perez, a young woman from the Philippines who will enter Dartmouth this fall as a King Scholar., a news site that serves people of Filipino descent around the world, profiles Perez in a recent article, “From Buting Elementary School to Ivy League.”

The article explores the inspirational influence that Perez’s mother, Cristina, has had on the young scholar, as well as Perez’s connection to Zholl Tablante, senior assistant director of admissions at Dartmouth, who is also from the Philippines. In addition, the piece covers Perez’s educational and professional goals—goals that align closely with the mission of the King Scholars initiative. “I want to focus on poverty alleviation through human capital development,” Perez says.